The Band


The Damned Pilots relate to a steam punk and post-nuclear cartoon-like scenario. Their sound ranges from classic rock to stoner and doom-metal.

Formed in Trieste (Italy) in 2013, Damned Pilots recorded their debut Ep ‘Spaced Out’ (2013) via Radioactive Records. In late 2013 they produced a videoclip for their song ‘Make my day’, directed by Fabio Bressan, which had its world premiere on Blank.Tv. In June 2016 they had been touring for the first time across USA to promote their cd ‘One More Mission’ released by Planet K Records. The current line up consists of Sgt. Ote (lead vocals, guitar), Willer Hz (guitar), Enrico Apostoli (bass) and Don Nutz on drums. In 2015 the band recorded their second full length, ‘Overgalaxy’, produced by Ron Goudie (Stryper, Poison, Social Distortion, Death Angel, GWAR, 45 Grave, T.S.O.L.) and mixed and mastered by the legendary producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, W.A.S.P., Corrosion Of Conformity, Trouble, D.R.I., Lizzy Borden).
The band has already collected four European Tours: ‘Spaced Out’ Tour (2013), ‘Beatin’ the Odds’ (2013), ‘Ride the Sky’ (2014), ‘The Rock Für Die Menschen’ (2015) and the US Tour ‘Gods of Perversion’ (2016) as supporters for The Mentors. Damned Pilots have also played in many festivals through Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Netherlands with bands such as Candlemass, Lizzy Borden, Warrior Soul and their music featured on the compilations ‘Obscure Anthems’ (Radioactive Records, 2013) and ‘Trieste Rock City’(Kornalcielo Records, 2013).
Their new album ‘Overgalaxy’ was released worldwide by Sliptrick Records on December 15, 2016.